Outdoor AED cabinets


AED outdoor cabinets are just as important as an AED device itself. By using these cabinets you can make sure that an AED can be installed in any circumstance and in any environment. You can think about heat, rain, snow, frost et cetera.

We offer our outdoor cabinets with and without heating. The ARKY outdoor cabinet protects the AED against all weather conditions. It is 100% waterproof, resistant to dust and it is even able to withstand temperatures down to -45 ℃. By supplying these particular cabinets we increase the visibility and mobility of an AED.

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Buy AED outdoor cabinets

Are you looking to buy reliable and weather-proof outdoor AED cabinets? Then take a look at our product range. We are happy to advise you and tell you more about the specifications of our outdoor defib cabinets.

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